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Fümm de lâch
Fümm de lâch, profümm de scighera, fümm de stobi, de mergasc profümm de primavera.
Fümm dai furni, profümm de pân fümm dai camitt profümm de saur nustrân.
Fümm de pipa profümm de tabach ulandês.
Fümm de pipa, profümm de paes sott al Camp di Fiur… sül lâch de Varês.
(Mao Donelli)

Molina Pipes

Molina pipes has it's origins in Barasso in was born from what was left of the once glorious Rossi pipes, an old trade name of an ancient and unquestionable famous international pipe company in the early 1900s.

Molina still lies in part on the antique Rossi factory,a percular but not a casual circumstance. it represents an excellent example of industrial archeology. its working  environment is enriched with the modernised charm of the past.

Molina's enheritance from Rossi pipes does not only consist of the factory but also of ancient machinery and methods of production, antique ''secretes'',antique recepts and production proceedures used over 100 years ago.

The name molina has even a longer history,it is upto today used to refer to a district where you could find mills powered by a rush of water.

The Molina Collections

The molina collections  are characterised by a meticulous fabrication care animated by research of new processes and production proceedures which use innovative technologies and great creativity.
In this section we will introduce main collections.these collections are as a result of great mastery craft skills and continued research for diverse designs which make use of special skills to produce perfect pipes- from traditional models to the designer operas of the made in Italy.we have new methods of pipe fabrication where we  combine innovative technologies and very creative language,research and modern creativity,technology and desgn,art and functionality.

Molina hand made

With the hand made collection molina promises to satisfy the request of clients whose targets are exclusive objects.molina offers pipes with very fine finishes and the most sought materials without incurring excessive costs.Each piece is unique and realised exclusively from plaques of briar selected from the most famous Italian sawmills.

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