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The Briar

The briar root is the outgrowth that forms between the root and the stem of the heather, a typical mediterrenean shrub.

The best quality is found in central and south Italy- the most privileged areas that supply the Molina.Briar is a very high temperature resistant easily resists the high temperatures of combustion reached by tobacco during smoking.


Molina still uses the skills of the famous artisan experts who fabricate the entire high quality pipes with their own hands from start to end. These are true and unque pieces for takes about 6 hours and 41 manual steps to realise each model.the highly selected quality  briar combined with special drying methods of the woody essence allows the elimination of the irritating tannin giving molina pipes qualities that make smoking such a pleasure.

Molina is an industrial company with a production capacity of over 180,000 pipes a has hundreds of different models.each model has its own finishes which satisfy different client needs.

In the Barasso factory there is a warehouse for the briars which are stored and selected with maximum attention before being worked upon. In this factory there is a sawmill where ebonite is processed for the mouthpiece.there are many other sheds where we transform,cut,clean and vanish our pipes.Of course here you will also find our valuable stock  warehouse.

The research of new materials,colouration and vanishing methods means that at molina we are always active especially regarding production processes. This is because we want to offer new updated products,tastes and modern trends to our precious customers.

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